Wetland Scavenger Hunt

Here is the lesson I did in Environmental Science this week. I liked it but I also thought I should put it out for comment, because it did not work exactly as planned. My thoughts in no particular order:

  • I also wish I had a better way of collecting pictures than twitpic.com. Here is a link to the pictures.
  • I had an absent student add the last eight items after the fact for his credit. I really liked some of his ideas.
  • I was happy that I had enough kids with cellphone plans that allowed picture messaging for free that I had students in pairs.
  • My eventual goal is to have students pick a park or place and have them put together these for the parks department so that anyone can go on the scavenger hunts. To do this I need to figure out a public place to post photos and a way of getting the directions to people via text messaging.


Wetland Scavenger Hunt

Find any of these things along the boardwalk through the wetland. Use your phone to take a picture to document your find. Send the picture to username.XXXX@twitpic.com with the subject being the category of the find and the text being your team name. First and unique finds will be worth two points each, other finds will be worth one. The best team will get five points of extra credit on this. Everyone else's score will be out of the best score minus five points.


Good Smelling
Bad Smelling
Makes a Quiet Sound
Makes a Loud Sound
Hairy (NOT human)
Animal sign (NOT human)
Webbed footed Bird
Claw footed Bird
An insect that floats
A flying insect
An amphibian
A wetland plant
Something rough
Something smooth
Signs of people
Something changing
standing water
something out of the ordinary/rare
something you've never seen before.
something growing
something rotting/decomposing
some type of poop

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