Scribe Posts

This year my students are doing scribe posts. They have been a riot for me to read. It is interesting to note what kids pick up from class. I am especially interested in what we will use these posts for as the year goes on. Right now the feel too much like me. I am trying to think of ways to use the posts to get more learning and engagement from the students.

I am wondering, what more can I do to make the posts something that are an essential part of the class?

The scribe posts have led me to an interesting realization. I am  a huge fan of moodle. I cannot imagine having a laptop program without moodle. However, I can now imagine using only a blog for all my class organization. I think Posterous would do everything that I need now. Make a single posterous with a lot of contributors for the scribe posts and the hub of every day's activity. Use a blog post and the comments as forums. Add pages for the more permenant stuff like assignments, schedules, and standards for grading. Pictures of class activities become easy to add. I have really loved it so far, but want it to become more.