Functionalism And The Least Of These

There is no quick fix to the problems facing people who do not start on equal footing in this world. As someone who believes we are all neighbors, and who believes that each of us was created with something to offer the body it is essential that I try first by loving my neighbor.

I am not sure that functionalists would agree. Everything is about the individual and what the individual can achieve. Even when placed in a group the individuals status as a group member is what makes it important, not the group itself. This view of the world rings false.

People in very different spots in life from myself have offered much to me, if only I listen at accept them as my brother or sister. If I create a space people will open up to the depth that all people are created for, a depth that reflects the love that created and redeems each of us. The best I can do for my students is bring them into community with this truth as well.

How do you show students justice your context? How do you bring your students into relationship with the least of these? Do you think it important to relate your students to the broader context of the subjects you teach? As a science teacher I was taught about interacting with concepts, inquiry, experimenting. How should I apply these concepts to teaching my students about how physics should impact their treatment of everyone on Earth? Am I having the interact and explore how to me more just members of the world with their knowledge? I hope so.