How do I use one iPad in a classroom?

On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 10:19 AM, Steve wrote:

Hi Jim,

I have a teacher here at Byron that would like to control his Mac with his iPad so he can walk around the room. I don't remember the apps/setup to do this. Was this the same app that allowed the iPad to be a web server too? Or was that a different app?



Here is our list:

  • Most success, easiest setup, cheapest, but does not control the computer: AirSketch.
  • More expensive, controls (but not a lot of teachers use that part), has awesome presentation mode: Doceri.
  • Like Doceri and very promising, but for us has been buggy: Splashtop. This was also the one I heard about the most at MACUL.
  • True control but no integrated presenter mode: MobileMouse.
  • Interesting with an iPad 2 or 3 and an Apple TV: Skitch. I have used Skitch on my mac with a Bluetooth tablet as my sole presenting tool for years. With AirPlay it could be awesome.
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I use Apple TV in my classroom and love it. I am able to walk around the room move almost seamlessly between notes, video, web, etc. and show exactly what is on my iPad2.

I've used skitch with it, but the two apps I prefer most is "Show Me" and one called "Notes Plus." With each I can record my actions/typing and my voice. With Notes Plus, or other typing, I use a wireless keyboard and have passed both the keyboard and iPad around for different purposes.

Thanks Todd, those are great ideas. We only have one classroom with a Apple TV so only one person has been playing with that, not me.