Student as Contributor: The Digital Learning Farm

Student as Contributor: The Digital Learning Farm
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I am sweet, why hasn't the world listened to me?
Alan November, Senior Partner, November Learning
"The real revolution is information and relationships."
"We are techno lusting nerds."
If feed back on homework is not immediate then the mistakes made start to sink in and become part of the brain pathways. By 36 hours without feedback ideas are set and the homework has done more harm than good.
"All learning is social."
"Kids are more interested in listening to a child explaining something than a teacher."
'Every teacher is a learner and every learner is a teacher."
"Kids will work overtime if teacher invites them into the teaching and learning process."
"Why don't we bring kids to staff development?"
I love Alan November's ideas. I was surprised to find out that most of the young teachers at the conference had not heard of him but felt like his message was old and tired. They said they had it all through their education classes. I was glad to hear this but also somewhat surprised, not all new teachers have caught the vision.