What Is Most Important For Learning

I attended the orientation session for a Massive Open Online Course yesterday. The is a course entitled Learning and Knowledge Analytics. It is only a short course. It is a topic I think I should be more well versed in. I have always wanted to know what my motivation to take a free course would be. It is based in Moodle, and I have always wanted to be a Moodle student, having taught so much within it. Most importantly I might meet some wonderful new people

This slide caught my eye. In a traditional classroom the big words are reversed. Students track (take notes), interact (do something with the notes) then create (if they ever get to do this). So in this course we create first. It is essential because there will be more content than we can consume, and by creating we will focus on the conversations and content that we need most.

I often get stuck at the start of a project. Then I remember, just put something down. Any part, any order. Then the rest start to flow and I know what other information I need. Classrooms need to create first.