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I did not get it at first but now I love it.
Leslie Fisher is always informative and interesting.
Her rule for what to twitter 1/3 humor, 1/3 informative and 1/3 miscellaneous. I wonder what rule is for me?
She recommends three twitter accounts for educators: personal, professional and classroom or backchannel.
To embed or do other fun things go to and look at what is available.
Definitive twitter resources
I would have talked about which brings twitter links into Google Reader.
I was in the same boat as her. I am starting to get it. It is powerful when people show it off because they have a ton of followers, If you do not have a ton of followers there is less immediate power. However, I have found great reading material from people that I follow. And that I think is the selling point. It is almost really easy RSS. You can see quick takes on the articles (and links) that are shaping the opinion of people you follow.