Aspen Learning

Dan and I had dinner with a guys last night from Aspen Learning. Here is in a nutshell what they sell. A 1U server that runs a very modified Moodle with other open source software and SMB. You plug it into you network and upload a .csv of users, passwords and emails, and you have a server for file storage, classroom activities, blogs (they do not use the moodle blog server) and everything else you need to have a good one to one program. Pretty cool technology.

By the way, when I talked about funding for their company the guy told us he was at Apple and presented an intelligent keyboard to their product people 15 years ago. They did not want to market it, but they allowed him to start his own company. He named it AlphaSmart. This company is what he started when he sold AlphaSmart.

Jim Peterson
Teacher and Technology Coordinator
Holland Christian High School