Using Google Docs in 3rd Grade: A Road Map To Curriculum Mapping

I love this post and it reminded me to put in print some thoughts that have been floating around in my head. To me this post is what curriculum reporting and mapping must look like in 2011. It is an example on two levels. First, Jeff's post is reporting. He has gathered curricular data, commented on it and published it for any interested party to see. Second, and perhaps most important, the teacher by having class has produced both a map of her curriculum and a transparent ability to see what is happening. All this and the map and transparency were done by the students.

I have done a lot of work over the years in the name of curriculum. Some of it has remained unused by anyone. For years my map was a list of topics with chapters and investigations hand written on one sheet of paper. I feel like in 2011 our curriculum maps need to be open, transparent, available, flexible, and living. Most importantly they need to seem useful to all participants: students, teachers, administrators, parents, politicians and the public.

Upload a Keynote Presentation

I got this question from a teacher today and thought it would make a great post as well.

Hi Jim!

I'm hoping you can help us out...

Our MS (6-7-8) Spanish team is already planning the final project for our students.   We would like students to work in pairs or individually to create a presentation (think Power Point or Keynote) about a Spanish speaking country.  Then, we want students to upload their presentations to a Posterous site so they can view their classmates presentations.

Lately, I've been working with the Google Docs version of Power Point.  I LOVE it because the presentations are SO easy to embed into blogs (Example:

Most of the students are used to working with Keynote, but when you upload a Keynote to Posterous, you just get the file that you have to download.  

Here's my question...Is there a way to "embed" a Keynote on Posterous?  (Sort of like how the Google Presentation embeds)?  I know one "easy" solution would be to have all students create a Google account and use Google docs, but 6th and 7th grade students aren't I don't think they can create accounts.

You are right about Google Docs presentation being really sweet, but I too have shied away from doing real work with it because of the inherent limitation of a web based software that I might want to put a lot of pictures and video in. I see a couple of options for you. I had the same question recently and these are the solutions that I ran across. There are links to examples of each.
  1. Export the Keynote as ppt. Posterous will display this, but movies and audio do not come through and I do not really like the format very much (very slow loading). This same thing would happen if you used to make the presentations and sent those to Posterous.
  2. You can export the Keynote as images and send them all to Posterous. If you export them to a folder, right click on the folder and choose Compress from the menu. Then just attach that zip file to the email to Posterous and Posterous turns it into a very nice gallery. The pictures display in order and can be clicked on really easily. You still do not get audio or video. I think this actually turned out the nicest of all the options I tried when getting read for my MACUL presentation.
  3. Export from Keynote as a Quicktime. You get all the audio and video. You will have to be incredibly careful about length and presentation size. I was not careful about these things and could not upload mine this way.
  4. Create the blogs on the school blog server. Keynotes upload to it and show up great.
  5. You could use The free accounts are pretty limited, 25MB, so if there is any audio or video you will probably go over.
  6. You could use No audio or video with a 100 MB upload limit. They take Keynotes directly.
These are my thoughts.