“We do not have to deny or avoid our loneliness, our hostilities and illusions."

Henri Nouwen states in his work Reaching Out that “we do not have to deny or avoid our loneliness, our hostilities and illusions.  To the contrary: when we have the courage to let these realities come to our full attention, understand and confess them, then they slowly can be converted into solitude, hospitality and prayer.” 

I spent a lot of the morning thinking about school and how I am not in control of it (or anything else for that matter). I was worried. Then I sat down and read the words above. I am not in control. The world does not have anyone's best interest in mind. I do not have to fear.

Reasons For Camp (School Too?)

Here is a great article about the importance of camp. The best quote:

Over those same years, I've been repeatedly amazed by how many grown-ups did their most important growing up at camp. Out from under expectations at home (especially the self-fulfilling ones), they blossomed and bloomed into what they otherwise might never have become. Their weeks at summer camp, they'll tell you, sometimes shaped them as much or more than all the rest of the year combined. Which is why, every year, I write a cheque to help send inner-city kids to camp. They may never have heard the word “epiphany,” but they just might experience what it means.

How could we say the same about schools? How do we make schools a place where everyone is constantly growing up?



I ran across this tonight and wondered if I could swap out the word motivation for discrimination.

Maxine Greene "Releasing The Imagination" page 189:
"A person does not fully see or live through the impacts of discrimination unless he or she has desires that discrimination (or poverty, or abandonment) prevents him or her from fulfilling."

In other words my thought was if a student sees no need for motivation then why would they have any. May be I as the teacher have to do something different to make sure there is a desire that provides motivation. May be all I have to do is create the desire and the rest will follow.